News and Events

Molecular Mechanism Identified for Neurotransmitter Receptor in the Brain

August 4, 2014

NCI News highlights the recent publication of a structural mechanism for the activation and desensitization of the ionotropic glutamate receptor, by Meyerson et al. in the journal Nature.

NIH Scientists Visualize Structures of Brain Receptors

August 4, 2014

NIH News highlights the recent publication of high resolution structures of the glutamate receptor and a nearly atomic-resolution structure of beta-galactosidase, discussing recent breakthroughs in cryo-electron microscopy that led to high resolution imaging.

PrEParing for HIV

February 28, 2013

University of California Television presents a video about the PrEP Epidemic Interventions Initiative for preventing HIV transmission in high-risk populations.

Rift Widens Over Structure of HIV’s Molecular Anchor

October 31, 2013

Nature News discusses the controversy over a published structure of HIV-1 gp120, part of the envelope glycoprotein, and compares it to the recently published structure by the Subramaniam Lab.

HIV and Influenza Share a Similar Structural Blueprint

October 23, 2013

NCI News highlights a recent publication by Bartesaghi et al. that details a high resolution structure of the HIV envelope glycoprotein.

Protein Machines at Work

March 14, 2013

The NIH Director’s Blog features an animation of the mechanism of action of pyruvate dehydrogenase, first reported in the EMBO Journal in 2002.

Small Antibody Fragments Bind and Neutralize HIV

February, 2013

NCI in the Journals describes the recent finding by the Subramaniam lab that the binding site of small antibodies derivatives on the HIV envelope glycoprotein spike can be determined with cryo-electron tomography.

The Living Lab: Navigating into Cells

December 6, 2012

This NCI News Backgrounder, reprinted by Science Daily, covers the new NIH-FEI Living Lab for Structural Biology, which began in January 2012.

Unraveling the Structure of HIV-1 Neutralization

November 7, 2012

Future Microbiology evaluates the PLoS Pathogens publication by Tran et al, highlighting the discovery of three central helices within the HIV envelope glycoprotein.

Cell Picture Show: Viruses

August 31, 2012

Cell Press, in their virus-themed image collection, features several images from the Subramaniam lab.